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Look, she's smiling like she doesn't mind! This is Natalie Denning at the launch of Playboy: The Mansion, and the reason she doesn't mind is because she's used thick, industrial make-up to paint on a pretend face over her real face, so no one she knows will ever recognise her.

The old I'll-put-my-hands-on-my-knees-to-see-her-saggy-over-inflated-tits-better trick
This man is clearly old enough to know better.

They're never going to impress her taking photos with a phone. They need a proper camera like the one we used. It didn't actually impress her, but we felt more confident knowing we looked a bit like a proper journalist
We love taking ironic photos of people taking photos. Our ambition is to take a photo of someone taking an ironic photo of people taking photos. One day we will, probably at the next games show we're made to go to. You wait.

No, you can't see anything because you were standing too far away
The caption for this photo is "Shouldn't you pikey greasebuckets be serving in McDonalds at this busy lunchtime period instead of taking low-res photos of pretend women from too far away, you WEASELS?"

The real caption for this photo will be provided by 'Dmark' in the UKR forum

The caption for this photo is "We hate the modern world and want to die"
Blogger bilal said...
figured i'd post here seeing as noone else has.


dave dickinson should've been there. he could've done that thing with his hammer and...

hey, look! a ps3! over there in the sky! now THERE'S a machine that can do real boob physics
Blogger Leon Ahoy! said...
The caption could be: " They hate you, wear body armour! "

The first caption is perfect though. Can't beat it!

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