UK:RESISTANCE 'main page'
It can't hurt to try. If we get a few grand out of the GTA San Andreas "class action" we can all quit work, buy wireless laptops and do this every day as our "main job" from bed. Imagine that!

This is Lawyers And Settlements, a site specifically for people who want to sue money out of other people by pretending to be upset by everyday things like games, smoking, working and tripping over.

This is what they say about GTA: San Andreas being released with rubbish sex bits and the wrong age rating on it:
"If you feel this improper rating has negatively effected your or your child's well being, you may qualify for damages or remedies that may be awarded in a possible lawsuit. Please fill out the form below and we will have a lawyer review your Grand Theft Auto complaint."

These people are happy because they've sued people, and now own wireless laptops and just go on the internet from in bed as their "main jobs". This could be us. We've already signed up, saying we were "horrified" and had "nightmares" about black and Asian people coming to shoot us and rape us and steal our bicycles after playing San Andreas. Fingers crossed!

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