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We had to turn up sober to work this morning to raise the two quid necessary to buy this game, so let nobody say we don't suffer for our art.

Welcome to 2001!
Blimey! It's a game about Japanese girls... IN SPACE! This just proves that our so-called Japanese friends are keeping all the good stuff to themselves.

This is just like that bit in Sakura Wars where Sakura's naked in one of those pods and you get to- oh, never mind.
The gameplay revolves around having a large number of girls in the fridge. You get them out, look at them for a bit then put them back in the fridge again. You can watch FMV and pretend that you're playing Kriss Kross: Make My Video on the Mega-CD again, but mostly it's all about the fridge.

They're still Morning Musume... BUT THEY'RE IN SPACE!
It's still rubbish though. Maybe if we knew more about Morning Musume (apart from the fact that one of them is cross-eyed and one has spazzy teeth) then the experience would be better for us. This is worse than when they made that movie about vampire goth girls in tight leather fighting warewolves in Matrix style bullet time, and it STILL sucked.

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