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Ahh, lovely Seaman. For six months in 2001 the talking fish was our best friend and pretty much the only thing we spoke to on a daily basis.


The only people who should be panicking at this news is Sega's shareholders.

We're no experts in Japanese, but this image would appear to hint that Seaman 2 will come with its own controller and is going to be 42 something. Maybe it will cost 42 pounds, or have 42 characters, or use 42 channels for the sound. The stick layout is also a bit like a Dreamcast's and the one that came with PS2 Seaman years ago. Pictures really do speak lots of words!

Let's go and see what's at together right now!

SHIT! THERE'S LOADS OF STUFF! It's like Sega is still making quirky games for only 1000 people in the whole world to buy again! It's like being young and not having knees that always hurt again! Let's all be temporarily happy, before the numbing, miserable depression of everyday life sets in again. Yep, there it is. Stupid games. Stupid internet. Stupid exclamation marks. Stupid everything.

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