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The Amstrad CPC version was shit
At three in the morning last night after a particularly vivid dream about Star Soldier, we found ourselves wondering whatever became of "Master Takahashi;" the main sprite for the Nintendo version of Sega's Wonderboy. One of the greatest gamers of all time, and the possessor of the legendary "16-blast" technique which allowed him to press a fire button sixteen times in one second (back in the days before autofire joypads).

...and so...


1) 16 policemen amongst 18 dead in Iraq blast
2) 16 die in French blast
3) 16 years have passed since the blast at Chernobyl
4) Jamba Juice Speciality Smoothies: 16-Size Green Tea Matcha Blast! (Bookmarked that one)
5) 16 square miles of densely populated area were destroyed by the Hiroshima blast

...and so...

We went back to bed and cried under the duvet with a Mars bar. We want to go home, but mum lost the house to pay for our degree in Journalism from Tottenham University.

BONUS GAMER FACT! For those of you who peeked at the internet to find the answer, Takahashi is at Hudson and happily still living the golden days (at a job he got for PLAYING VIDEO GAMES) now that his career as an actor and idol singer (which he got for PLAYING VIDEO GAMES) has faded. (CUNT.)

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