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We've been anonymously emailed loads of hi-res photos of Yuji Naka visiting a German hedgehog sanctuary!

We thought about maybe not using them, before thinking "who the hell else in the world is going to want to use photos of Yuji Naka in a German hedgehog sanctuary apart from us?" and deciding to use them anyway.

The only other person in the world who might conceivably want to use photos of Yuji Naka in a German hedgehog sanctuary apart from us is Adam Doree. He'll be really jealous when he sees these! Uploading these means we love Sega MORE than Adam does!

Perhaps Naka-san is researching about hedgehogs for a new Sonic The Hedgehog game. It might be for Xbox 360 or PlayStation3! It could even be unveiled in a few weeks at the Tokyo Game Show! Imagine that! He might be HAVING AN IDEA for a new Sonic character in his genius mind right there!

You'd think he'd be a bit bored of researching hedgehogs, what with having to do things about hedgehogs for 15 years now. With Google, you can find out everything there is to know about hedgehogs in about five minutes.

It's a HEDGEHOG, Yuji. Don't act like you're suprised about what it is or what one looks like (unless you're genuinely surprised that German ones are brown and not blue like they are in Japan).

The male hedgehog gently holds the female before sex.

Yuji Naka's rubbish! He's only just about as tall as a car! It's amazing how quickly you go off someone when you realise they're actually very short.

Perhaps he stroked and caressed small children when researching for NiGHTS?

We really will upload anything we get sent these days. Here's two men standing in a sort of garden. We're well aware of how this isn't funny, so don't post on the internet saying this isn't funny.

1500 euros can provide food and clothing for 125 African children for a year -- or keep 6 German hedgehogs living in luxury for a month. If you've got any hi-res photos of things happening at SEGA you'd like to email in to us, please email them in to us. We will almost certainly use them.

Stefan Walters "off of" SPOnG said he might conceivably want to use photos of Yuji Naka in a German hedgehog sanctuary as well because he loves Sega about as much as us and Adam Doree, and he does own a Sega iDog so we're inclined to believe him.
Blogger Kewlstar_15 said...
Dear Sega,

I have a character in mind to add to the Sonic Team. She's a hedgehog just like Sonic, but she runs at the speed of light. I named her Kaily the Hedgehog. I've recently drawn a picture of her, and I wish I could show it to you all.
Your fan, Lauryn Broussard Lafayette, LA
Blogger Kewlstar_15 said...
Oh, by the way, SONIC RULES!!!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Big Sonic Fan Here. Did You Ever Think About Trying Another Sonic Fighting Game On The New Generation Consoles. It Would Blow Up. Oh And A Action RPG Multiplayer Sonic There's A Thought. You Keep Trying To Take Sonic In A New Direction But Your Going The Wrong Way. Hope To Hear About New Great Sonic Games Soon.

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