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We just got our first play of Everyone Loves Katamari. Give us a second to stop crying with sheer joy before we give you simple, point by point explanation of what you should do.

1) The scope is bigger. For example, in the high school level you can travel from room to room and they all load as seperate areas allowing for a whole new level of... er... levels. The boys' shower room has a fat old man trying to peer over the lockers at the boys changing. Every day the game designers show us they understand their demographic better and better.

2) The graphics have been very slightly improved, so it's still like Jet Set Radio only now it looks better.

3) The tone of the game is more whimsical. One level is a huge garden full of magical creatures and you have to start off by collecting flowers. Seeing the ball covered in millions of tiny flowers is fantastic enough, but then you get to reap amoral terror and end up covered in screaming, struggling centaurs, pixies and leprechauns.

4) Whereas the vocals of the original were limited, every level of the demo is backed by a freaky bass-heavy piece of J-rock or pop. So it's even more like Jet Set Radio.

That's why we say to the world and say it loud:


Go on, it'll be easy. It'll help you sleep better too.

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