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Thankfully, they've stuck up an age verification thingy so that kids have to lie about their age before they can become serial killers (or even worse, gay) by looking at this:

Along with the classic driving on the wrong side of the road and shooting anything that moves vibe, this game includes baseball to give it that authentic American feel

There's no telling how many junior baseball players this game could turn into deviants if it's released! We just wish there were some sort of ratings system, or perhaps a magical laser forcefield, to protect young impressionable children from all this.

We have no idea what that ancient old movie was about but here's what we think you might be able to do in this game:
  • Catch an STD.
  • Get a stupid haircut.
  • Form a gang of partially clad males (in a purely macho and heterosexual sense).
  • Pop caps into nigger's bitches.
  • Go to a Village People concert.
  • Complete thousands of identical missions. Probably involving drive-bys.
Blogger milk is chillin said...
Entered my age as 12 on that stupid age verification page. Now I can't enter the stupid gay site to look at rockstars stupid new gay game. That is also stupid.
Blogger Crnk Mnky said...
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Blogger Crnk Mnky said...
silly Brits, how cynical ye are...

the game probably was gay, but from what I hear, the movie was a groundbreaking "cult classic."

I was skeptical myself since I'd never heard of the film until the ads covered Facebook. but I've seen clips and trailers, and it seems decent and originated at least 3 catch phrases. :P

I'm only here to defend the integrity of the movie I never saw. the ad banners were for the game, but I clicked straight through to the movie page. I couldn't care less about the game!

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