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The 'Bits Babe' is BACK ON TV! That is, assuming Sky Channel 166 counts as being on TV. It's at least a step up from selling DVDs of yourself naked on the internet, anyway.
Greetings once again Bouff fans!

At long last we can confirm that Emily is now defintely back on the telly and can currently be seen regularly presenting a quiz programme on Sky Channel 166! We're currently putting together a small gallery of images but in the meantime here's one to whet your appetite!

Emily has recently been away touring Thailand which is why there hasn't been much news from recently. But she's back now and is back on the box which is great news for all you lucky SKY viewers outTHERE!!
Blogger rockjock1980 said...
hello there im a little nu 2 all this mallarky...but may i say... neigh... i hav 2... oh bother... i must say that u r the main catalyst in making adore dark haired ladies... if it were'nt 4 u i would hav 2 make do with {beeeeeuuuggggggggghhh... please excuse me... sayin this leaves a bad taste in my mouth...} the britneys of the world. So thank you 4 being so darn pretty ... thinkin ur class brian...xox

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