UK:RESISTANCE 'main page'
Oh look. We made a pretend screenshot of NiGHTS for PlayStation3 or Xbox 360 or PSP. Either way, it didn't turn out as funny as we imagined it:

Sorry about this. If we were better at using Photoshop it might have been funnier. Those white circles are ecstacy drugs, but you can hardly tell. It all went wrong. We spent at least an hour cutting out that picture of NiGHTS, too. And the TXT MSG bit is just that same joke we've already done before, what? About seven times now? We'd give this update 4/10, and that's us being generous to ourselves because we made it. If someone else had made this, well, we'd be using the f-word and possibly even getting out the Big C. It's been a disappointing few weeks for everyone.

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