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Battle Raper 2 is a fighting game where the women get their clothes torn off, then WEIRD SEX THINGS happen. You're sold, right?

Battle Raper 2 looks like any other substandard fighting game, say, like one made in 3D by SNK.

Only it gets a bit saucy. It's got lovely girls in and you can smash off their clothes as they fight.

And it has some sort of 'View Mode' for just looking at the women. This is great. We like just looking! It's so much better than the strategy of "trying to take part and then being rejected".

You can make them open their legs to examine thigh bruises and then heal them. If you're finding this all a bit unsavoury that's a GOOD sign. It means you're quite normal.

There's proper nudity and even ACTUAL SEX. Look at the bottom-left bit -- he's ACTUALLY HAVING SEX with her!

You can grope them with a disembodied hand...

...even DOWN THERE!

It's going to be even more popular than Grand Theft Auto!

Then you spunk on their tummies and lose interest. This bit is so amazing we tried to rip a movie of it -- but it was a weird format we couldn't edit. Sorry about that. The whole thing's on the internet here (26Mb PSP format executable MP4 movie file). It really is worth seeing, even if you live in Cornwall and have to spend a whole day downloading it on a modem.

Battle Raper 2. Out now! *SCRUBS SKIN WITH BLEACH*

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