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Great news! Sega's making one of those car-modding games, which means it's OK for us to start liking them now!

It's called "Faster Than Speed". Let's gloss over how stupid that name is.

Faster than Speed is about "rides", "tricks" and urban things we don't understand because we don't live in DA HOOD or Compton or Philly or wherever it is everyone who plays video games is supposed to live these days. (We live here).

Don’t Be Furious - Be Faster Than Speed with Sega

Enter the exciting street-racing world of FASTER THAN SPEED where the winner rules and the loser walks! The current hot twin driver by Sammy, and now available from Sega Amusements Europe, is in a new styled cabinet launched at the ATEI. Its great value price tag coupled with the excellent recorded performance results will allow operators a great return on investment.

Hit the street with the most addictive driving experience of your life! Pick from 8 customized rides. FASTER THAN SPEED will take your players into the exotic, dim-lit, back streets of over 12 cityscape tracks challenging the quickest, the fastest, the ‘badest’, and pushing the most fearless racer to conquer the asphalt! To take down your challenger, you need to burn the street with a variety of high-speed tricks.

This street styled racing game is fully linkable and allows drivers the choice of paint colours and features so he can “pimp his ride”, the more races you win the more features that become available to you. FASTER THAN SPEED also features bonus games and hidden cars as well as allowing experienced drivers to do trick manoeuvres.

Best we can hope is it makes millions to bankroll production of Xbox OutRun2 SP or OutRun3 for anything.

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