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Aaaiiiight! We done got dat game wot got dem cars innit and shit. Is da wickedest cos you is drivin and puttin spoliers on an shit! An best of all, dem people wot is in da game talks like us, innit! Check da pikey gangsta words wot is in da new Need 4 Speed innit!

Dis is da wickedest menu screen innit!

Dis is like wot my nan speaks like innit! Wot da fuk is cabbages go ta do wiv nuffin? Dis game is mad shit innit!

If you ain't don't be gettin dis you is a GAY innit!


There's nothing we like reading more than some 42-year-old white Canadian male's interpretation of urban youth culture dialogue, using Ray from 2Unlimited as his only black culture reference point. And shit. How can games get lower than this? Come back in 12 months time for Need for Speed Underground 3 and we'll find out!

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