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To celebrate the launch of its pink GBA (BECAUSE IT'S FOR GIRLS), Nintendo took the unusual step of sending out two press releases, both concentrating on hair! shoes! shopping! handbags! sitting at bus stops! and everything else girls do (apart from having headaches).

Pink GBA Press Release #1:

Out with the shoes, bags and earrings and in with the games console! As girls are increasingly embracing the world of gaming, Nintendo has announced the launch of the Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition. Coming to the United Kingdom on 29th October 2004, the stylish new gadget is set to take 'girls and gaming' to a whole new level.

A new breed of 'gadget girl' is emerging, and it is all about style. To mark the rise of this gadget girl, Nintendo has announced that they are launching a dusty pink variation of the legendary Game Boy Advance SP, just for girls.

Already a hit with Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Christina Aguilera, the Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition is small enough to slip into handbags everywhere and offers girls hours of entertainment - wherever they are! On the bus, on the tube, in the hairdressers - girls will be able to play their Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition whenever they need entertaining.

Wow! Finally we have something in common with Christina Aguilera! When we send her really long, rambling, bleeding-heart emails about how we just want to be her friend, we can mention how we've got a GBA too which means she should DEFINITELY meet us for lunch seeing as we've got so much in common we're PRACTICALLY THE SAME PERSON!

Pink GBA Press Release #2:

The Game Boy Advance SP, adored by A-list celebrities all over the globe, just got the ultimate makeover. The all-new Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition is due to take the style world by storm, available across the UK on 29th October 2004.

The Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition will match your favourite shoes and handbag, and is so stylish it will turn heads wherever you go. And all this packed into something so small and sleek it could pass as a compact mirror! Already seen in the hands of style icons Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Christina Aguilera, it can now make its way into handbags across Britain.

The Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition offers hours of entertainment, always by your side in your hour of need. You need never grow bored in a fitting room queue, hairdressers or at a bus stop again. This handy pocket sized gadget with the flip top and integrated lit screen will alleviate hours of finger twiddling with over 500 games already available.

Remember that in this context "seen in the hands of" means "we posted one to their publicist" and "hours of finger twiddling" probably doesn't mean wanking.

Dita Von Tesse, not holding up without studio lighting

"Hold this while I take a photo, love". She's not even holding it right. And they wonder why we hate women so much.

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