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Game Stars Live -- where 20,000 school kids are currently finding out that you don't get given "free games" from Sony just for turning up -- is happening now. Here's what's on the UKR stand! Don't forget to pop in to pretend you're our friends for a brief, awkward and painful five-minute chat!

Tune Tune TunerStars
Tune up for the ultimate tuning sim! Tune everything, tune it again, tune that, tune the subsequent settings then tune it all again as part of a well-tuned tuning team to win the (tuneable) TunerStars Tuning Tunionship! Tunes by upcoming garage star MC Tweaker. And girls with chequered flags! (tuneable colours).

Slow Game For Old Men
You play Mythrusrusrusrus, on a quest for the 1,889,999 really well hidden dark swords. Honestly, you'll have to click on every pixel. It'll take a year to do, but that's OK, isn't it? You've got to do something before you die. Xbox exclusive.

STOP! Men of Police Enforcers
You've got a CAR and a GUN. And we made some cities with two buildings you can ACTUALLY GO INSIDE. So off you go. That's a game nowadays, isn’t it? That'll be £45 please, you IDIOTS. "9/10 -- Zany Console Planet"

Some Interactive Thing That's Probably Meant For Pre-school Girls
Just because we don't understand how waving at something (to music) is supposed to be a game doesn't mean it won't sell to 10 million youths.

The Acclaim 2004/5 Line-Up
Thanks to disgruntled ex-employees dumping code on Bittorrent we've just signed Juiced!

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