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We got an email off of Andrew Vestall! He's everyone's person on the internet they know that lives in Japan, and we think he offered to be our Japanese friend a few years ago.

This is what he said:

"I am sending you a photo of Yoda having coffee with a young couple at a Denny's-like family restaurant. I saw this advertisement in Shibuya this afternoon and something inside me died; all I can do now is spread the hurt."

He obviously likes Star Wars. Luckily for us, we're probably the people that like Star Wars least out of everyone on the whole internet, so this sort of thing just bounces off our steel-like skin.

'There is no 'I have no change'. Buy or buy not'. Sorry, we're not very good at remembering Star Wars quotes.

We asked Andrew what the advert is for. He said: "The same cell phones Darth Vader was hawking (AU). They're having a campaign with Star Wars-themed ring tones, backgrounds, animations, etc. for free on newly contracted AU phones. So I guess the idea is that when AU becomes part of your life, so does Star Wars."

Thank you for that breaking news from Japan! For more breaking news from Japan, look at Andrew's web site.

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