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This promotional image was sent out by Nintendo. It was created, presumably, by adults, adults who are staking millions of pounds on the success of DS. This is the best they could come up with:

Nintendo SENT THIS OUT TO PEOPLE. Look. Here's what happened with Pictochat. Someone had an idea. Then, because no one else had any better ideas, it got made. So they ended up with "a thing" but had no idea who/why/how "the thing" would get used or used by. Hence the stupid drawing. The only good thing about DS being £99 is that it might mean Sony's stunning PSP will be £99 too.


3. The Russians starting to do that Glasnost thing.
2. George Bush Sr's "Read my lips -- no new taxes", then some new taxes.
1. UKR declaring Sony's PSP the greatest thing, ever.

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