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No, not because of "the redesign", but thanks to an amazing six-page interview with Dominik Diamond and When Games Attack producer Johnny Ffinch. It features the three things we love most; (1) Swearing, (2) Dave 'Games Animal' Perry and (3) unfounded and potentially libellous comments.

Here are a few Dom nuggets from Edge 143:

  • "The problem is that Iain Lee has an utter absence of charm"

  • "I have more respect for suicide bombers than I do for the people who are involved with Gamezville... it's all fucking 'Yo mate...' I mean these guys can't even speak fucking English"

  • "I'm appalled by the lack of writing and intelligence in games magazines in general"

  • "I think he's sucking old mens cocks for pennies"

  • "Don't ever ask kids what they think about games. We did that on the first series of GamesMaster. They know nothing"

  • Buy Edge magazine! It's great! We secretly loved it all along!

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