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This isn't a Photoshop joke some idiot has made in five minutes to impress other idiots on the internet -- it's a REAL game. Sega Superstars, for EyeToy. From Sega. From SONIC TEAM. Yes, that SONIC TEAM. For EyeToy. If you look closely enough out of your window you can actually SEE the world dumbing down before your eyes, as a new wave of games that only require you to look into a camera, push your bottom lip out with your tongue and make spaz sounds into a cheap plastic webcam crushes all before it.

SEGA Superstars for PS2 and that EyeToy thing

This isn't a fake we made in 1997. It's fo' real.

SEGA Superstars - might perhaps be OK

The future of video games is waving your arms around -- LIKE A RETARD!