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Gamesmaster: Excuse me for saying so, but is self crowned "TV Superstar Games-Animal" Dave Perry the biggest wanker in the whole world? Anyone who wears a joke Pepsi logo "Sexsi" top, Leather trousers (gag) and manages to tell us how great he is in every sentence, rightly deserves a good kicking.
How I laughed when he fell off the platform in his Mario 64 challenge, in front of a TV audience of a few million. Mail UK:resistance if you also think Dave Perry is a wanker. Gary:19/12/96

Doom: So far we have received three messages from UK punters who have played Doom. Here are direct quotes from their messages:

"A load of smelly old Pants"
"Not as good as the Jaguar version"
"At least I got Christmas NiGHTS with it"

So I make that a resounding "avoid Saturn Doom like the plague" Gary:19/12/96

Armageddon: It would be a shame if planet Earth was destroyed in a freak global catastrophe, especially as all these top games are being released over the next year or so. We've updated our Most Wanted games list. Gary:17/12/96

Shopping: More eagle-eyed readers will probably have noticed that Doom and the Saturn version of Tunnel B1 have surfaced in game emporia across the country, and are hoping to be impulse purchased for your Christmas gaming pleasure. Anyone out there played Saturn Doom? It's selling for a "bargain" 39.99, but it's not much of a bargain if it's crap, is it?
I'll see if they'll let me have a go in the shop on Monday. Stay tuned. Gary:15/12/96

Democracy: Due to the success of our Daytona CCE poll we thought we'd invite YOU our worldwide audience to tell us your favourite game of the year. Just fill in our handy little vote form.

Die Traitor!: Hey "Colin", how come you've seen fit to blow your cover on a certain well-known American games site? Honorary Resistance membership priviledges have now been revoked, pending an independent report. Gary:12/12/96

Memories: Although the real talking point of the year was the formation of UK:Resistance, I thought I'd take a trip down the memory lane that was 1996, and give you my thoughts on Saturn gaming over the last twelve months. Just click here to be subjected to my ramblings. Jon:11/12/96

TV: Top UK games telly programme Gamesmaster has just shown a few clips of the very-eagerly-indeed anticipated game Fighters Megamix. I nearly gave myself a Hernia running up to the telly to have a look, but through the pain it looked to be the same resolution as Fighting Vipers, but with very 'solid' looking walls. There was indeed a stage that didn't have a wall or any edges at all, with the floor looking like a 'Mode 7' style texture stretching right upto the parallax backdrop. The colours looked very bright, as in VF2, but it certainly was NOT in the smooth Hi-res of AM2's premier 3D fighter, although the lighting effects looked pretty. Gary:12/12/96

Astral Plane: Through the use of special breathing and meditation techniques, I am able to seperate my mind from my body, and project my concious soul into far away places.
My first official visit was to the offices of Core Design, where I floated through their design office looking at their new game Judgement Force. Thanks to the miracles of Human Translocation, I was able to see a Streets of Rage style scrolling beat 'em up, only this one was set in a full 3D Virtua Cop 2 quality environment. Looks stunning. Gary:10/12/96

Ridiculous: We've been seeing a few people spreading stupid rumours around that Sega might/may/could be producing a new console based on the Model 3 arcade gear. Yeah right, do you believe everything?.
I think what they meant was if you want a perfect version of VF3 in your home, buy yourself the f***ing arcade machine and shut up whining. The Saturn is still only warming up. Gary:8/12/96

Exclusive: Sega are rumoured to be producing a new console based on the Model 4 Jam-Jar fusion reactor.

Poll position: The white flag is out, this is the final result of our Daytona CCE: Good/Ok/Crap poll. For your convenience, here is a link to the result page . Gary:8/12/96

Civil RiGHTS: Here at UK:Resistance we're pretty annoyed with the Christmas NiGHTS situation (see below), so why not take it out by Emailing Sega Customer Services and having a good moan. While you're there, can you tell them that Gary bought Daytona CCE and Virtua Cop 2 in the last couple of weeks, and he wants a freebie. Thanks. Gary:8/12/96

Christmas FiGHTS: What's the UK score with Christmas NiGHTS then? First we're told it will be a freebie, then it becomes a cover-mount on a magazine, then it comes free with certain games bought over Christmas, but NOW it appears that any UK Saturn owners who want to get a copy of the game will have to buy two Saturn games in the run-up to Christmas. So we have to spend 90-100 pounds to get what the Americans get stuck to the front of a magazine, right?
Maybe Sega could arrange for their loyal Saturn owners to be poked in the eyes with sharp sticks as a New Year gift. Gary:7/12/96

No news is crap news: Okay, I admit it's been a pretty light few days news-wise, but how's this for a bit of digging? Here in the UK Electronic Arts are currently screening a TV ad for FIFA'97. Now, the small print at the end shows the following logos: PC CD-Rom, Playstation, Megadrive, Super Nintendo. Spot the obvious omission?
If FIFA'97 does appear on the Saturn, then ignore this item. However, if the Saturn doesn't receive the latest version of FIFA, then tell everyone how amazing it was that you heard this news years ago on the fantastic UK:Resistance pages. Gary:2/12/96

NoEL: Latest on Xmas NiGHTS is that it will be out on December 6th. So if you really want it, you're going to have to hold out on buying your next game until then. Not fair seeing as VCOP 2 is out today! Jon:27/11/96

Magimix: Another point of interest supplied by our mole is that Sega UK have a Beta version of the Newsgroup's current favourite subject: Fighters Megamix locked away in their maximum security software vaults. Nearly official confirmation of the game containing 32 fighters with 10 'hidden' at first was obtained, along with the distant UK release date of next April.
I'm not sure anyone outside Sega has been allowed to see it running yet, but as all the gaming sites say: you'll hear about it here first. Actually, more like second or third, but we usually do quite well, eh? Gary:26/11/96

Open Channel X: Our special reporter who must remain anonymous (Let's call him "Colin"), has sent us the following Top-Secret information, once again putting the readers of UK:Resistance far ahead of his, and his families personal safety:

One: The long awaited Saturn sequel to Megadrive classic Landstalker has finally been translated into English, and "Colin" reckons it's a fu......er.....a very large game well worth the wait. So expect to see an understandable version of Dark Saviour on the shelves very soon.

Two: The strangely titled Virtua AD mentioned below, is tipped to be one of the "secret" Saturn-only games being developed by AM2. Could this be the mythical RPG that is supposed to be based on one of Sega's top action games? We should find out soon, as it's slated for a December release. In Japan of course.

Three: Fashion Victims the world over will be pleased to hear that there's a Snowboarding game in development for the Saturn. No doubt Pony Canyon's new game Snowboarding Trix will feature stupid hats, stupid trousers, stupid shoes, and all the usual stupid accessories worn by "Snowboarders" who live in the UK, where it hasn't snowed since 1968. Quite a good looking game though.

Four: Reading totally between the lines and off the record, "Colin" basically says that Saturn Doom is a crappy rush-job that should just about be cobbled together in time for a last minute Christmas release.
That is what you meant, right Col?

More respect to "Colin" for the above insider news. Gary:25/11/96

You make the call: So what do you think about Daytona CCE then? Comments so far have ranged from "it's rubbish" to the more predictable "it rocks" from our American friends.
Why don't you buy the game, form an opinion, and then register your vote here, as we launch the Daytona CCE poll!

Yu Bet: As the release of Fighters Megamix in Japan draws closer, more pics of the game are emerging. As you can see AM2 have really been keeping some tricks up their sleeves and have managed to combine the unmatched Hi-Res visuals of VF2 with the caged in arenas of Fighting Vipers. What's more, supreme god Yu Suzuki has stated that VF3 is in the works and he claims that more hidden power has been summoned from Saturn. Jon:23/11/96

Image: I will avoid the obvious "Mega-pics" joke.

Update#5: The whole world is talking about UK:Resistance's regular posting of the UK sales figures, so to feed the information fire, here is this weeks news: Unsurprisingly, Daytona CCE has entered the Saturn chart at number 1. You never expected that, did you? Unfortunately, due to the Saturn's continuing 'underdog' status, Daytona CCE has failed to make a mark on the all formats chart, which consists enirely of Playstation and PC games.
Stay tuned for next weeks exciting episode of.........UK Statistics weekly. Gary:21/11/96

Findings: Look what I've found. It's not very interesting, but here's the logo we're all going to have thrust down our throats in the next few months from Fighters Megamix. Also of slight interest, AM2's page at the Sega Japan site has a title called Virtua AD mentioned, but as yet there's no info available even in Japanese. What could this mystery game be? My best guess would be a Model 3 Virtua Cop game set in the future or in space. But what do I know? Gary:18/11/96

Image: But will it be high or low res?

Put me down for a couple: A bit of on the record news has reached us today, this time coming from our cyber-chums over at UK games mag Mean Machines Sega. We all know that from time-to-time, our Japanese friends are prone to spontaneous attacks of mad behaviour, but how does paying two thousand dollars for a game score on the mad-o-meter? Pretty highly I'd say. The game in question is a very limited edition version of Saturn exclusive Enemy Zero or E0 by Warp, and only about 10-20 copies will come in a special box-set containing as yet unknown goodies, possibly original animation designs from the game artwork.
Standby for full-scale riots if it only contains an Enemy Zero pencil case. Gary:16/11/96

Big News day: What can I say? I would love to say thanks to the person/persons responsible for dishing the below gossip, but if I do, they will almost certainly be violently killed. Not that I care of course, but you'll have to trust me when I say that these snippets come from an official "person in the know":

One: We're obviously all big fans of scantilly clad girls playing with guns, and so are Core Design because a sequel to top 3D blaster Tomb Raider is being worked on as we speak.

Two: Saturn Die Hard Trilogy is complete, and looking pretty good, sporting some excellent explosions and a Virtua Gun compatible level.

Three: The next big noise software wise should be made by Probe who will soon start hyping their new project Condemned. Our informant tells us of a 60fps cross between Quake and Descent ("Doom 'em up" Copyright jon.uk:r, 1996) with hi-res textures, and lots of multi-player friend-killing options.

Four: Our 'Supergrass' is still unsure about the final name for it, but the now complete Saturn version of Sonic Blast 3D will feature a bonus level similar to the one in Sonic 2, coded by the legendary Yuji Naka's Sonic Team, and allegedly it will feature the best use of the Saturn's hi-res polygon shifting abilities yet.

Five: How about Interplay converting Sega's Indy 500 coin op? Well it's true, and Manx TT is supposedly being converted by the team responsible for Saturn Wipeout. And stay tuned for more strange connections as Sega allow other third party companies to convert some of their biggest arcade titles, presumably freeing Sega's big name AM teams to concentrate on massive new titles.

Six: Virtua Fighter 3 will be converted by THQ. That was a joke.

Respect to Mr.X for taking his life into his hands and grassing the above news! Gary:15/11/96

More violence: The number of characters supposedly in Fighters Megamix has now risen to 32, with the inclusion of the VF Kidz posse. Rumours circulating that myself and Gary are also to appear in the game as 'well hard' boss characters cannot be confirmed at present. Jon:15/11/96

Sky high? After this much anticipation, Daytona CCE is never going to live up to the hype, is it? Want to find out? Try reading UK:Resistance's review. And about time too. Gary:14/11/96

Update#4: Last weeks exciting UK sales report left you with the cliffhanger of Fighting Vipers being a new entry at number 3 on the Saturn chart. Well there's no change this week. How boring. Perhaps it's the calm before the storm, as UK Saturn owners prepare to bust open the piggy banks to buy Daytona CCE, which has strangely been released here before the US and Japan, just like Tomb Raider. What have we done to deserve such loving treatment, Sega? Still, mustn't grumble. Stay tuned for the imminent Daytona CCE review. Gary14/11/96

Nice Machines: Following on from the item below about Mean Machines' demo disc wiping memory cartridges, Mean Machines have mailed us to say basically it was all Sega's fault, and anyone who has been suffering psychological distress as a result, should phone Sega on: 0181 996 4620, and try to blag some freebies. However, this is unofficial advice, and only applies to UK people. And keep it quiet, and don't get too greedy, OK? Let us know if your blags are successful! Gary:13/11/96

Nostradamus: The official Sega Europe site (go to our links page) has the amazing phenomenon of Quake (yes I said Quake), appearing on its game release schedules, amazingly the date is supposed to be the 10th March 1997! Can it be true? Will it be any good? Will the world still exist so far in the future? Gary:12/11/96

To satisfy the clamour for more info on Daytona CCE, UK:R have managed to get a look at the game up and running. What are you waiting for? read our first impressions right now. Jon:12/11/96

Dis-information: Despite newsgroup reports to the contrary, UK:Resistance can report that Daytona CCE is not, repeat NOT available officially in Europe. At the time of writing, 11th November 6:30pm GMT, the shop shelves are looking remarkably Daytona CCE free, with shop assistants across the country bracing themselves for the rush of Daytona crazed gamers when the game appears officially on the 14th. We'll see. Gary:11/11/96

Ouch: Mean Machines Sega have got extra mean this month. Their cover CD has a nasty bug on the demo of Alien Trilogy that may wipe out your memory cartridge as one UK:R reader has experienced. Jon:11/11/96

We know: As speculated by UK:Resistance way back at the end of August, news now reaches us that, amazingly, Street Fighter versus X-Men is coming to the Saturn. Wow. I mean, incredible. And even better, it is supposedly going to be a Saturn exclusive. You can keep Resident Evil. Gary:09/11/96

Rumble: You know those stupid discussions about which videogame character is hardest, well, it looks as if we are one step closer to finding out, as Sega get ready to release Fighters Megamix. Despite the cheesy name, this should be a top class fighting game, allowing you to pit the Fighting Vipers, against the old masters of the Virtua Fighter games, in a huge selection of various rings from both games. Gary:09/11/96

Extrapolation: So what about Street Fighter versus X-Men versus Fighting Vipers versus Virtua Fighter?
Of course, Ryu could have them all. At the same time. Gary:09/11/96

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