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Update#3: Weekly front-line sales report from UK:Resistance, and it's strange this week. Top-notch title Fighting Vipers has surprisingly only managed to enter the Saturn chart at number 3, behind WWS'97 and Tomb Raider. That's a bit disappointing, as we were hoping that the 'Vipers might manage to out-sell some Playstation games, and make a sizeable dent on the all-formats chart. But it didn't. Never mind, life goes on, and Daytona CCE is still scheduled for next week (Nov.14). That should do some damage. Gary:7/11/96

Border dispute: One of the pet whinges of most UK gamers, is the conversion process needed to convert US and Japanese game to run on our PAL TV systems. UK:Resistance would like to point out that the swiftly released UK version of Fighting Vipers has tiny borders, while the UK Playstation version of Tekken 2 has HUGE borders, reminiscent of the Megadrive/SNES days. But very few games magazines mention the borders these days, as they don't want to admit that their beloved Playstation has any imperfections. Gary:05/11/96

Pressie?: Xmas NiGHTS is set for release as part of a 'special promotion' our Sega sources tell us. Just what that promotion will be is unclear at present. When we hear for sure you'll be the first to know. Jon 2/11/96

Image: Will there be New Year NiGHTS, featuring drinking, vomiting, and sleeping at strangers houses?

Pointless: In probably the least interesting news story yet published, UK:Resistance has tracked down a Japanese newsgroup dedicated to the Saturn. The thing is, most of the article bodies come up in some sort of a gibberish text mode, so you cannot actually read anything. If you're interested/bored/dull or just plain stupid, you can find it under: fj.rec.games.video.home.saturn
See, I told you it was pointless, but it's nice to know it's there, eh? Gary:03/11/96

Nearly, nearly: Yup, Daytona CCE is nearly upon us, so I thought I'd celebrate by showing the latest and probably prettiest picture I could find. This is looking much better than the earlier versions, and it is supposed to be released here in the UK on November 14th, but considering it hasn't been reviewed anywhere yet, it will be a big but nice surprise if it makes it into the shops on time. Oooooh I hope it does. Gary:2/11/96

Image: I'm so excited, it's new Daytona!

Update#2: UK Saturn exclusive Tomb Raider has entered the Saturn chart at number two, just behind Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 , which holds on to the number one spot because football is obviously more interesting than girls.
But Tomb Raider still failed to make a dent on the all formats CD chart, with just WWS'97 representing the Saturn. Gary:01/11/96

Ex-Exclusive: What's going on with Tunnel B1 then? Last thing we heard it was signed up for a quick Saturn exclusive release, but now the Playstation version is already in the shops, with the Saturn only being home to some really rough looking 'work in progress' pictures. Imagine peeling an Orange and sticking the peel onto your TV screen to get an image of the Saturn 'explosions'. Gary:01/11/96

Europop: An informant from foreign shores tells UK:R that the French Saturn/Playstation battle is even worse than here in the UK. Any other countries care to contribute figures? My source from deep inside the Foreign Legion tells me that the sales ratio is something like 6:1 in favour of the Playstation, and some shops and large chains only stock Playstation gear.
Still, who cares about the French? They eat maggots and stuff, what would they know? Gary:01/11/96

Update: Most people who have visited our humble site have said to us: "Hey Jon and Gary, just how is the Saturn doing over there these days?" Well my information-hungry chums, the news at the moment isn't too good. A casual glance at the all-formats CD chart shows just one Saturn game in the top 10. Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 is the game, and that's a new entry only at number 5, despite the game featuring in Sega's current TV advert. Gary:27/10/96

Anticipation: Now you're all going to ask what the UK Saturn ads are like right?
Amazingly for a game advert, they actually show lots of clips from the game! The commentary is of someone translating a Japanese chap telling us how he has totally mastered all the tiny aspects of the game, and us lot here in the UK need to put in a lot of practise to catch up with the Japanese level of skill.
The small print in the background when the logo comes up at the end says: "This advert does not apply to Jon and Gary of UK:Resistance, because they have already achieved immortality as gaming legends." Gary:27/10/96

Stunning: This game looks like being the prettiest ever. And I wanted to put another picture in the News section anyway, so take a look at Grandia by Gamearts. The current gossip is that a team of around 150 people are working on this project, and it sure looks like they've been working hard, as you can zoom in and out, and rotate all of that beautiful scenery. Let's hope it isn't just a dull RPG underneath those amazing graphics. Gary:27/10/96

Image: The very very Pretty Grandia:

Big news day: Yeah big news day today! What about paying a visit to the brand new Web site put together by Sega Europe. Obviously they are keen readers of UK:R, and they decided to copy our great idea of putting a European prescence on the 'net. It's really well designed, but a little unfinished in places. Should be a great site. Go to our links page to be redirected. Gary:27/10/96

The first first: Well, what have we here then? For what is probably the first time ever us lucky lucky UK people have got a top-notch game before the Americans and even the Japanese! The name of this game? Tomb Raider, and by all accounts it's a class act. And we've got it first!
I think the phrase I'm looking for is: "Ner-ner-n-ner-ner". Gary:26/10/96

Rolling start: Hot news is that Daytona CCE is supposedly scheduled for a quickie release in Europe on November 14th. Newsgroup speculation is that this may well be a stripped-down version, without Netlink compatability readied for a speedy release, and that the Japanese version will be held back until after Christmas so Netlink options can be coded in. We'll soon see. Gary:19/10/96

Big Bang: It seems like ever since the Universe exploded out from infinite emptiness, magazines have been running previews of Scavenger team's Amok and Scorcher. Weren't Sega supposed to have been showing demo's of these games to developers about a year ago? Apparently they are both scheduled for release in November, but if that happens, I'll eat Jon's pants. Gary:15/10/96

Lie: Talking of rubbish release dates, does "December" for the Saturn version of Duke Nuke 'em 3D sound possible? No way. More pant-eating action if we see the Duke before next year.

Grrrr: I won't even start talking about Heart Of....*yawn*.......Darkness.

Turning Japanese: After another pad-busting gaming session, I found myself needing to get a new joypad. Again. Imagine my euphoria and joy when I found out that the new UK Saturn joypads are the exact same design as the Japanese pads, only made in colour-coded black plastic!
About time too. The UK/US pads are a complete disaster, they smash too easily, look terrible, and are just too.......... clunky. Know what I mean? Gary:13/10/96

Santa Clawz: While NiGHTS continues to dominate the number one spot on the Saturn game charts we hear that Sega have a Christmas NiGHTS level of the game. Rumours are flying about of just what Sega will do with the level with some saying it will appear on magazine cover disks and others say it will form part of a pack in. Of course we'll be first to let you know when a decision is made.

Future: Have you seen the new Sega Die Hard game? I'm not talking about Die Hard Trilogy from Acclaim, but the coin-op from Sega. We're talking five or six VF2 resolution characters on-screen at the same time, in a scrolling "Streets of Rage" style action sensation.
Even more amazing is the fact that this is an ST-V game, meaning it should look identical when it inevitably appears on the Saturn. And it even has an obligatory 'babe' caracter for us to play with! Looks good to me. Gary:25/09/96

Image: Standby for action:

Rubbish: Shock-of-the-week award goes to: The fact that the UK Saturn owning public is still buying the ropey conversion of the ropey-to-begin-with Destruction Derby, in large enough quantities to keep it high in the Saturn sales chart. Why? You must all have Rally, and Daytona CCE is on the way. HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?Gary:18/09/96

Deja-vu?: Remember the big three from last Christmas, VF2, VCop, and Sega Rally? Well........... forgive me for being pessimistic, but don't you think this years Christmas line-up is a bit on the familiar side? Fighting Vipers, VCop2, Daytona CCE look like being the stocking fillers for this festive season.
And with Sonic X-Treme put on hold, it looks like the most original game around will be the allegedly stunning conversion of Virtua-On. Still, it could be worse, we could own Playstations. Gary:18/09/96

Image: I wish to register a complaint: This Hedgehog is dead.

Agony and ecstacy: NiGHTS has spectacularly failed to enter the UK games retail chart at number one. Despite Resident Evil being out for 2 weeks, it held on to that numero-uno position. Maybe that 59:99 price tag was too hefty for some?
Still, looking on the bright side, the Saturn has it's best showing for months with no less than four games in the CD console top 10. NiGHTS (2), Alien Trilogy (3), Destruction Derby (4), and Athlete Kings (7), are the plucky young devils resposible. Gary:11/09/96

Amazing: Could this be the greatest beat 'em up ever? Capcom have just announced the test release version of, get this, Street Fighter versus X-Men. Jesus. Wow. Fu**ing Hell. Can your mind comprehend the enormity of this game? Street Fighter versus X-Men. Just take a moment to think about the implications this may have for mankind. The game is currently being tested at select locations around the planet, but considering Capcom's recent love affair with the Saturn, UK:Resistance would speculate that the announcement of a Saturn conversion is imminent. Watch this space.Gary:30/08/96

Image: Wolverine v Ryu? Rogue v Chun Li? Ken v Cyclops? . Wow.

Holy Grail: Yes! Finally! Praise be! Highway! Finally Sega have revealed a work-in-progress version of Daytona Champion Circuit Edition, aka Daytona Remix. Following the disappointing lack of Daytona related news since the remix was announced, the Japanese visitors to the Tokyo Toy Show were honoured to get the first look at the game. Sega Rally style 30fps graphics are said to have wowed the crowd, and the persistent rumours of Net-link multi-play and six courses, were confirmed. Joy.Gary:27/08/96

Daytona CCE image 'borrowed' from Dustin's lovely Saturn page:

Wow: A compilation of all the Sonic games in one handy, convenient, Saturn CD? Gaming perfection is nearly uopn us. With the delay of Sonic Extreme until '97, this should keep us Sonic fans happy. Well, quite happy, as I'm sure the majority of Saturn owners have graduated from the Megadrive, and have already 'done' Sonic the Hedgehog. Let's hope they can tag on a few extra layers of graphics, and maybe the odd new level, to give Sonic that 'Killer App.' feel.Gary:26/08/96

Boo Hiss: Apparently Sega are about to clamp down on explicit images of sex and violence in their games (boo) as they are afraid of how it portrays for their machine. This doesn't bode well for the forthcoming Duke Nukem 3D conversion. Jon.

Loaded has just been released and is the biggest selling title at the moment along with UMK3. It's 49.99 in most shops which is way too expensive. If Nintendo could get the N64 in the shops over here we might start getting games for a realistic price i.e. 30.00. I was quite annoyed after walking in to GAME and seeing Euro 96 on the PC for 35.00 and the Saturn version a few feet away for 15.00 more.

Sega to sue duff photocopier company?: Any UK people have the Argos catalogue?? Check out the dodgy photocopier they're selling.......it's a squashed Saturn with no ports!

Trendy ads: About time too, the Saturn's getting on the telly again! The pony-tailed guru's responsible for making fizzy-piss trendy (Tango), are to do the business with some new ads for Saturn games. Nights will be the first TV star, with Daytona CCE, Worldwide Soccer and VCop2, (probably) being the autumn/Christmas hype-meisters. "Mummy, I want a Saturn for Christmas!".

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