Daytona CCE First Look


Yes Daytona CCE is out on thursday and UK:R have had a preview of the game. Here's my first impressions based on the UK PAL version. I didn't play the game but watched the demo mode that shows each of the five circuits.

What struck me straight away is that the Graphics on DCCE don't really look a great deal different from the original. Yes it's FULL screen and the textures have been revamped but I would put the frame rate at sub 30fps. It's smoother than Daytona USA but not up to Sega Rally smoothness. Also on the oval circuit the clipping is still quite poor. How I gasped with disappointment as I saw the big Sonic cliff face on the final turn come popping up in to view. Resolution looks to be equal to Rally.

The two new tracks do look as though they've had more work put in to them though. The scenery is more on a par with Rally and there are some nice touches on the Desert track, in particular a bridge that has a freight train passing over which then runs along side the cars down a straight section. The Seaside track has a working roller coaster but that wasn't overly impressive and it did suffer from some pop up.

I didn't get to hear much of the music, but the track I did hear was one with singing on it, in a similar style to the original.

So for your 45 it looks like you'll get the two new tracks plus the two player mode. I don't really think they'll be that much extra enjoyment from the original three tracks in their new form. Remember I didn't get to play the game though, so I hope I'm wrong. Check UK:R on Thursday/Friday where you'll be able to read a Definitive review of DCCE by the humble Gary

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