Forget the text page, join us in the future with our new links page and be quite frankly amazed.

My personal favourite is Dustins Saturn page. Believe me, this bloke is hardcore! Without fail he updates his page every day, and he has a fair whack of features and pictures from new games, so it's always the first place I go to when I want to rip-off some decent screen shots!!

Wahey! It's someone else from the UK. This chap is running a page devoted to the fine art of Daytona CCE lap times, and of course, UK:R's Gary will shortly hold all the best times. Compare your times here.

In keeping with the UK always being left until last, Sega Europe finally has a site on the web. Of course we have a much better sense of style over here, so their pages are looking very pretty even in the current half-finished state.

I'm sure Ed doesn't mind a bit of constructive criticism, so why not visit his 'under construction' Saturn site, and gaze in awe at the mass of logos, forms, boxes, frames, and every technical bell and whistle he could cram into his html code. He's got a lot to say! It also contains links to other curious sites run by weird Americans. Click here.

Very pretty, although slightly dull and business like with some of it's features, is Next-Generation On-line. The 'net version of the US version of the UK version of EDGE magazine, it's a good place for facts & figures on the whole gaming world, although they still think people are interested in 3DO and Atari sale figures, and obscure companies buying other obscure companies.

Regular readers of the .sega newsgroups, have probably heard of TK's Sega Saturn page. He was the one who had the World Exclusive pictures and movies of the new Daytona game, that were promptly ripped-off by most of the games site on the planet! He tends to concentrate mainly on Japanese news, and often has a load of great pictures.


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