Tonights episode, Worldwide Soccer '97: Special guest star reviewer Ripple.

"Booosh, Eat My Goal!"
"Geeeeettttt Innnnn!"

OK, you've seen the advert, you've read the hype, but is Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 really that good? You're bloody right it is! It starts with an amazing intro sequence before throwing you into the coolest football sim. EVER! The graphics are outstanding, coupled with the movement of the players and the seemingly endless repetoir of tricks and skills they can pull off makes this possibly the best sports game of the year.

The gameplay is fantasticly dynamic, especially with the individual star players on the teams who can move faster or with better balance than others. Outstanding!

Since getting this game, it hasn't left the Saturn, and the saturn hasn't been turned off. It's even got my girl housemates into footie because it's so impressive just to watch and so easy to pick up. There's a nice player edit feature which allows you name the teams properly, or (as my mate Lloyd has done) put yourself upfront with Romario.

The commentary from Italian footie's Gary Bloom is really good at first, but because it's limited in its vocabulary can really get on your tits after 2 weeks of "Look at his control, he's not afraid to take players on, he's going all the way on his own."

The game's only let down is its lack of Premier League teams, limiting itself as it does to world teams. But what the hell, you can always put McManaman, Fowler, Rednapp, James or even the legendary Matt Le-Tissier in your England team, like you wish Hoddle would.

All in all, a bloody brilliant togger extravaganza, guaranteed to keep you out of trouble with all......except someone who wants to watch TV.


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