Captain Jax: What is the right amount of time to wait before phoning a girl who's given you her number?
Commander Zorg: That depends. When did you last speak to her?
Captain Jax: Nine years ago.
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: ...
Commander Zorg: Nine years ago?
Captain Jax: Yes, but it's okay. I've been thinking about her every day since. I've written a huge list of things I can talk to her about when I do eventually phone her, plus I have prepared some amusing anecdotes to relate about my everyday life, just in case we run out of things to say to each other. Plus, I have listed all of the funny things that I said nine years ago, so I can read them back to her and remind her of how amusing I was and how much fun we used to have together. I'm sure she likes me.
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: So should I call her then?
Commander Zorg: Um, no, I think you should wait another couple of years, mate.
Captain Jax: Do you think?

Girls: nice

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