Captain Jax: How much further is it?
Commander Zorg: 8.7 billion quadrons.
Captain Jax: But it was 8.7 billion quadrons yesterday.
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: Aren't we supposed to be travelling at the speed of light?
Commander Zorg: We ARE travelling at the speed of light.
Captain Jax: Well we haven't got very far.
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: The stars aren't moving past the windows as quickly as they do in Star Trek.
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: Is that the light speed button over there?
Commander Zorg: Yes.
Captain Jax: Shouldn't it be lit up?
Commander Zorg: It is lit up.
Captain Jax: It doesn't look lit up.
Commander Zorg: Well it is.
Captain Jax: ...
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: Shall I press it, just in case?
Commander Zorg: If you must. It won't make any difference.
Captain Jax: Okay...
Captain Jax: Fuck sake!
Commander Zorg: Oh. The button next to it made it look lit up.

The dirty blonde one from Brookie

Commander Zorg: Look, I said I was sorry.
Captain Jax: Talk to the tentacle because the face isn't listening.

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