Employee of the week (with a difference)

If being gorgeous was a sign of evil criminal genius, then Teri Hatcher would be the evil queen Zorax on a quest to destroy the galaxy, and embark on a reign of terror across the entire universe, such is her level of gorgeousness. Fortunately for us, being gorgeous is just a sign of being gorgeous, and Teri is no more dangerous than a small child with asthma. Here's Teri pictured crawling on top of the UK:Resistance news desk:

Get off the desk love, we've got work to do! We don't really want Teri to do any work for us, she would just be employed to stand around and look gorgeous. Monday she would look gorgeous by the photocopier, tuesday she would look gorgeous in the storeroom, wednesday she would look gorgeous in the tea point... you get the picture. Thanks Teri, do you mind staying late on thursday? We've got something extra for you to look at...

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