Employee of the week (with a difference)

It seems to me, you lived your life, like one constant photo-opportunity, always knowing where the cameras were when the press turned up. Oh well, at least the value of our free 'Royal Wedding' mugs should go up over the next couple of years, and we're currently in the process of manufacturing a UK:Resistance/Princess Diana commerative Saturn joypad, which will be on sale in the next few weeks, so send us your credit card details as soon as possible. The first 100 orders also get a free Diana pencil case.

It would have been great if Princess Diana was appointed the patron of UK:Resistance before she died - just imagine the publicity we'd have got over the last month. And we would've been invited to the funeral as well - rumour has it they laid on a great buffet afterwards. Pork pies, sausage rolls, dips, the works. Anyway, they'll probably have a huge do next year to remember her, so we thought we'd give her the first ever posthumous Employee of the Week award, to make sure we're on next year's guestlist for the annual rememberance buffet and dinner-dance. Arise Diana, Princess of Games.

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