Employee of the week (with a difference)

Take two vowels, three consonants, and a nine letter surname, and what do you get? Crack mathematician Carol Vorderman. Coming across like Spock's younger sister, her logically focused mind can make mincemeat out of any word or number combination, and we're sure that she could pilot a Galaxy class starship just as well as her Vulcan mentor. In her CV, Carol lists her hobbies as long division, computational fluid dynamics, algebra and alogarythmic calculus, and she still has time to be permanently pregnant. Like a proper woman.

With her advanced problem solving skills and easy-going manner, Carol would probably be head of our training and recruitment section. Her additional responsibilities would probably be as our systems analyst, and she would be just the person to look after the UK:Resistance accounts. Welcome aboard the team Carol!

Note: Overseas readers might like to know that Carol is currently the top light entertainment presenter in the UK at the moment, despite her previous hardcore pornstar career, and the fact that she is regularly seen with the notorious "twat" Richard Whitley.

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