Captain Jax: Yo, wassup!
Commander Zorg: We're kickin' it LIVE from Ibiza, the party capital of Europe!
Captain Jax: I stayed awake until 12:30am last night, listening to the noise of the music and the sounds of people having fun coming from the nightclubs outside my hotel room!
Commander Zorg: Yeah, and I've been down at the beach, chillin' out with the ladies!
Captain Jax: Did you speak to any?
Commander Zorg: No, but I looked at some who weren't wearing bikini tops!
Captain Jax: Wow! Way cool! We're havin' a mental time!
Commander Zorg: Mental, mate!
Captain Jax: Fuckin' mental!
Commander Zorg: Mental.
Captain Jax: ...
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: I took loads of pills last night too.
Commander Zorg: Yeah?
Captain Jax: Yes, I had a bit of a headache.
Captain Jax: ...
Commander Zorg: ...

Captain Jax: How long have we been here?
Commander Zorg: Thirteen days.
Captain Jax: ...
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: How many women have you got off with?
Commander Zorg: None. You?
Captain Jax: None.
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: ...
Commander Zorg: Shall we start packing then?

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