Employee of the week (with a difference)

The lack of tasty Catalina-based resources on the Internet is puzzling, especially considering she's pound-for-pound probably the most gorgeous woman in country, and seems refreshingly keen to 'get them out' at a moments notice. The good news is she posed for UK Penthouse magazine, the bad news is that it was just after the 'arty' relaunch which tried to turn Penthouse into a softcore T&A mens 'style magazine' (fans will be pleased to hear that this proved disasterous for sales, and 'burgers' are now back on the Penthouse menu). Anyway, this is what happened:

See the condensation on the glass behind her? We did that with our panting. The thing is, Catalina's a really good mate of ours, regularly coming out for a drink after work, buying the beers, getting drunk, stripping off, taking us back to her place for some... oh hang on, no, that just happens in our minds.

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