Employee of the week (with a difference)

It`s a well known fact that British television is awash with Australian soap operas. Our record charts are full of Kylie/Danni/Natalie etc. And none of our actors can even get a part in Pantomime nowadays because the cast of Home and Away have taken them all. Then again, our soaps are hardly full of `top totty` are they, and there`s rarely the opportunity for beach/swimming pool-bikini type scenes either. Oh well, seeing as we seem to have a large quotient of Aussie readers here at UK:Resistance, we thought we`d at least try to offer something in comparison. This is the best we can do...

It`s Martine Mcutcheon, or `Tiff` as she`s known in our dull Soap `Eastenders`. Actually, now Gary has re-located to the East-end of London, perhaps we should call him `Gal`. No, maybe not.

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