Ensign Teela: What are you doing?
Commander Zorg: (frantically fiddling with a control panel) One of the docking bay maintenence droids has gone haywire and started a homicidal rampage. We have about eight minutes before it uses its welding torch to cut through this door and toast us all.
Ensign Teela: Can you shut it down from here?
Commander Zorg: Not from here.
Ensign Teela: How about if we cut its power?
Commander Zorg: Already have done. The droid uses the same kind of technology as the hyrdrogen fuel scoop on the front of the ship - even if it ran out of power now, it could still find enough ambient electricity from static and artificial atmospheric interference to keep going long enough to weld us all into the wall.
Captain Jax: (bursting into the room in his pants) TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES! WE ALL HAVE TO TAKE OFF OUR CLOTHES NOW!
Commander Zorg: My God, you're right! If we start reducing the levels of background electricity in the room now, when the robot arrives it could be starved of power enough to render it docile!
Captain Jax: Robot?

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