Captain Jax: I've had a lot of time to think about things on this long space journey...
Commander Zorg: Really.
Captain Jax: Yes. Would you like to hear my thoughts?
Commander Zorg: No.
Captain Jax: ...
Commander Zorg: ...
Captain Jax: ...
Commander Zorg: *Sigh* Okay, yes, tell me your thoughts if you must.
Captain Jax: Well, I've been thinking that God probably doesn't exist.
Commander Zorg: Really?
Captain Jax: Yes, I mean why doesn't he make it rain on Africa so those people can grow food?
Commander Zorg: Good point...
Captain Jax: And, right, why didn't he strike Hitler with a lightning bolt to stop him killing all those people?
Commander Zorg: Another good point, Captain...
Captain Jax: And if wanking is so evil, why did he make it feel so good?
Commander Zorg: Another good point, Captain Jax. However, if God doesn't exist, how do you explain this?

Captain Jax: Praise the Lord! There is a God!
Commander Zorg: Sing hosannah upon high!

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