Captain Jax: Commander Zorg! We're coming under attack!
Commander Zorg: What?!
Captain Jax: Aliens! They're everywhere!
Commander Zorg: What?
Captain Jax: They're coming out of the sea!
Commander Zorg: What? I can't see anything.
Captain Jax: All around us! Look!
Commander Zorg: Where? Talk sense, man.
Captain Jax: Look! Aaaaagghhh! It's coming right for us!

Commander Zorg: Captain Jax, that's just a woman.
Captain Jax: A... a woman?
Commander Zorg: Yes, a woman. There's really nothing to be alarmed about.
Captain Jax: But... they look... different...
Commander Zorg: Yes, that's what they look like
Captain Jax: Oh right...

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