Employee of the week (with a difference) Dannii Minogue

Back in the UK in the late 1980's it wasn't a case of who's your favourite Spice Girl, but the more important debate of the time - who's your favourite Minogue? There was the pert, blossoming Kylie, and her more voluminous sister Dannii, both of which made us wonder why their parents stopped at just the two. Surely an intense breeding programme could've given us all our own personal, all singing, all dancing Minogue. Anyway, these days Kylie has unfortunately gone for the red hair look (which automatically disqualifies her from this feature), so it's left to sister Dannii to keep us entertained. The latest update (Dannii version 2.11) features blonde hair, a nice tan, and much larger breasts (pictured).

She's pretty, pretty vacant - blonde, gorgeous, tanned, looks great in a dress, and knows nothing whatsoever about games... Dannii sounds like the perfect candidate for the position of UK:Resistance PR Executive. Don't forget to send your nominations, and come back next week for another politically incorrect employee of the week (with a difference) award.

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