Employee of the week (with a difference)

Why, it's Zoe Ball of course! It's not immediately obvious why Zoe is so famous here in the UK at the moment, but anyone who's seen her wearing those bunny-ears on Saturday morning children's telly will have a damn good idea. Even her loveable brainy-scientist dad would struggle to explain her celebrity status, especially if he's heard her radio show, so why would we want her working for us?

Suddenly all becomes clear! We would officially like to jump upon the give-Zoe-a-job-with-us bandwagon, especially if she wears that lovely shirt to work every day. Nice fabric. Her job? Well, she's obviously skilled at making talentless people famous, so hopefully her shambling, mixed-up style would propel UK:Resistance to equally high megastar proportions. And she always gets her round in at the pub, apparently. Mine's a large one, Zoe!

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