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Sites on the "internet" you may like:
Famous Babes Why the internet is so popular. Scroll down for the action. Beware of adverts.
Alan Partridge Appreciation Society Shall I move on to the other one?
Logo Types Logos. Niche market.
Carol Vorderman Shrine S... P.... U.... N.... K... O... N... M... Y...
Robots Wanted Ace pictures. Possibly sexual.
Superbad One day all web sites will be like this.
SegaWeb But most will still be like this.
Audit Bureau of Circulations

EDGE - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fifth colours cannot save you now.

More "web sites" for you:
Lordship Furniture Become an adult - buy some nice furniture. Girls don't like sitting on stained sofas.
Corbis Images Brighten up your life with pictures!
UpLoaded The best UK mag, with the best site.
FHM Rubbish, but has a great picture archive. "Random Picture" can captivate for hours. Plenty of Minogue.
Daily Rotten What all web sites will be like in ten years. Wacky people who like emailing "funny" pictures around the office will love this.
Topica Do a search for "UK Resistance" then join our mailing list. It's good. Honest.
PowerVR Revolution Reciprocal linkage for one of our staunch supporters.
Perfect Zero Haven't managed to download it yet. Might be good.
Maktos Translations Japanese translation curio
Bizarre Creations More UK bizarrity
Babelfish Translate German into English. Finally discover what that bearded man is saying to those two schoolgirls in that well-worn video you keep hidden in the attic.

"Jack" yourself into "cyber" "space"
Japan Direct For high-income early-adopters (read: magazine editors) only
Ain't it cool news Getting worse.
Exhume Joey Deacon! Very funny, but only For British people between the ages of 23-30. Possibly not working.
DVD Express Don't be a twat - buy your DVDs half price - and better!
iii Buy some shares, then watch them plummet here.
Napster Download it and install it. The best MP3 resource.
Chu Chu Rocket Play a Dreamcast game without the unnecessary social stigma of owning a DC.
Gaming Age Most games sites are the same now anyway. Pick one and stick with it.
Gamespot Japan Look cool reading a Japanese web site.
Re:Tokyo Look even cooler.
Pride Health Walking is SO last year!
Fax Thing Send a fax via email. Might not work where YOU live.
Chankstore Resistance-quality fonts
The Onion Surely you already do?
Gallery of Monster Toys For when you need a picture of a monster
Anna Kournikova Page For when you need a picture of an athletic girl

*Not all links may work. Promise of working links does not form a contract. Quality of linked sites may go down as well as up.