It's Gan from Blake's 7

The Industry Insider has noted some strange occurrences of late, namely that people don't seem to be buying games magazines that much any more. Christ, why not?

Games magazines are brilliant! Where else can you get all of IGN's screenshots reproduced six weeks later with the logos cropped off? Also, where would you all be without that half-page import review of Gunhare Pokemax Pro League 11? It only got a four! Good job, as you probably were just about to rush out and buy it! Not!

Don't forget to read the music reviews too - see how cool the writers look reviewing their own CD collections! Makes them feel like proper writers, instead of press release-regurgitating machines full of the PR spunk they had to guzzle down in order to receive a free lunch. Beg for the choccy drop, little puppy!

Oh, and look out for the hidden subtext each month. By subtext I mean obvious attempts to sound cool, as if they're working on a games magazine by choice and not because they're not good enough to get on a proper mag about cars and girls and funny tasting vodka.

Anyway, gotta go - some bitch wants me to feign interest in her products while she simultaneously pretends she likes spending time with me.

Hey, there's a burger in it for me!