Commander Zorg: Alien vessel! This is Commander Michael Zorg of the MDF star cruiser Auberginon, come in alien vessel!
Alien Leader: Greetings Commander! May I express the warmest...
Commander Zorg: Yeah, yeah. Have you got any women?
Alien Leader: Um, women? You mean females?
Commander Zorg: Yeah. Have you got any?
Alien Leader: Well yes, our people are divided into two distinct sexes, each with...
Commander Zorg: I mean with you. On the ship.

Alien Leader: Well, we have 30 or so on board in our...
Commander Zorg: Do they have tits?
Alien Leader: Tits?
Commander Zorg: Tits. Breasts, er, mammary glands. Have they got them?
Alien Leader: I'm unfamiliar with these 'breasts' you speak of, Commander.
Commander Zorg: These:

Girls Aloud, playing their own instruments

Alien Leader: Ah, I see. No, our females only differ from males internally. Our people reproduce by a complex system of...
Commander Zorg: Close channel.
Captain Jax: Channel closed!
Commander Zorg: Take us out of here.
Captain Jax: Aye, sir!

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