Just like huge metal robots from the future hell-bent on destroying certain key figures in history, new games just don't stop coming. Ever. Unless you own a Nintendo 64 of course, in which case they don't even start coming, and if you own a Playstation you probably wish they would stop coming. But I digress, and can sense that a dreadful 'coming' joke is on the way, so let's finish with the intro and get on with our latest UK's most wanted games list.

If those anti-social third world countries continue to use fossil fuels in their dilapidated power stations, thus releasing a deadly cocktail of CFC's into the atmosphere, it could cause global warming to increase to a critical level, thereby melting the polar icecaps and leaving the whole world submerged under water. Not only would this mean we would all have to go about in boats like in that crappy Kevin Costner film, but we wouldn't get a chance to play Sonic R which is out in November. When it was announced that the second part of Project Sonic was to be a racing game, people were heard to say, "Oh no, not a bloody Mario kart clone." But despite some obvious similarities, Sega's game looks likely to include some innovative gameplay ideas and is already being hailed as a likely 'game of the year' in some quarters.

Does This this look $*@#+&! good or what!?

Alien abductions are now becoming a serious threat to Human civilisation. If the 'Greys' continue to take innocent people from their beds during the small hours and carry out sick genetic experiments on them, then sooner or later we'll all end up as half Human/half Alien hybrids who derive no pleasure from videogames. Let's hope this doesn't happen before the release of Saturn Touring Car Championship. Despite the fact we hate the Arcade version due to it's ridiculous 'Jap-friendly' handling, the inclusion of a special Saturn mode might make it the game to rival the much vaunted Sega Rally. Upon it's release, the best way to rate it's success will be to measure the anger caused when one of your mates comes round and beats your fastest lap by a 1000th of a second.AAAhhhh.

Is this a secret car in STCC?

If a futuristic race of robotic aliens were passing through our solar system and running a bit low on oxygen to fuel their engines, they would no doubt suck our entire atmosphere into their huge futuristic air tanks, anihilating all life on Earth in an instant, and filtering out our broken mushed-up bodies with some kind of huge strainer. Futuristic robotic aliens just don't appreciate a good game when they see it - they would probably think that Street Fighter versus X-Men looks like it's going to be crap! Far from it. Released exclusively on the Saturn later this year, this game should "rock" thanks to the fact that it'll use the awesome new 4meg RAM cart. Capcom have already honed their 2D gameplay to perfection in Marvel Super Heroes, and hopefully the classic SF characters combined with raw X-Men power, should make this yet another Capcom classic.

A large scale accident at a genetic research laboratory (a power failure leading to an explosion, a fire, and the collapse of a high security electronic containment field, for example), would release a highly contageous air-born virus which would be spread by the prevailing winds, and would turn the whole population of Earth into gibbering vegetables. Gibbering vegetables which wouldn't be able to appreciate the awesome nature of Saturn Quake. The release dates on Sega Europe's site originally had Quake planned for a May launch, but with the benefit of hindsight, the May release date was perhaps a tad optimistic. But now we have the Saturn programming gods Lobotomy working at full pace to produce a stunning conversion, and it looks like this game will be amazing. Really amazing.

Need some better quake pics

Read the above paragraph again, and substitute the words Duke Nuke 'em 3D for Quake.

Apparently, if the population of China all jumped up and down at the same time it would send the earth spinning hopelessly off it's orbit, bounce it off the side of Venus, and send us to a certain death in the centre of the Sun. Needless to say, we'd all be doomed. Lets hope the Chinese can contain themselves until after the release of Last Bronx though. It looks as if we might finally have a game that will get close to, and perhaps even surpass the legendary Saturn version of VF2, with the currently available Japanese version featuring the best and most solid hi-res graphics yet. The current rumour is that the second disc (actually featuring a detailed training mode) won't be released outside of Japan, but even so, what about those graphics, eh?

The Sonic Team factor. Despite a mass of whining from people who didn't believe our 'another Saturn project' news item, there's no doubt that Sonic Team are definitely working on another Saturn project. We don't know what it is, but we want it.

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