Meaningless diversion#3
So what's going to happen then? We've waited long enough for news of Saturn VF3 but still nothing has surfaced, so we thought we'd give you the opportunity to make your own announcement right here right now:

Pretend that you're Yu Suzuki and select your favourite option from the following list, and then you can 'exclusively' announce the VF3 news to us!

A: "Development of Saturn VF3 started when the arcade game was finished, and the completed game (with upgrade cart) is ready for release."

B: "Development of Saturn VF3 started when the arcade game was finished, and the game is ready for release and will not need any upgrade."

C: "We realised that a Model 3 powered game cannot be done justice on a consumer (home) console, and regretably VF3 will not be appearing on the Saturn."

D: "Saturn VF3 will come with the option of running with an upgrade cartridge, but the game will still run, albeit at a lower resolution and speed, on the standard Saturn."

E: "A title with such a high profile is a huge asset to Sega, and we shall be publishing it on any 32 or 64-bit format that can cope with the graphical demands."

F: "VF3 will appear on the Nintendo 64. And I'm a teapot."

G: "Saturn VF3 is progressing nicely, however we are still examining the options available, and a further announcement will be made soon."

H: "An upgrade cartridge will be required to run Saturn VF3, and specifications for this feature will be made available to any third party who wishes to utilise the upgrade in their software, and many future Sega games will take advantage of the formidable power boost available."

I: "Look, it's fucking hard enough as it is, without you asking us all these fucking questions all the fucking time. We can't perform fucking miracles you know. Just fuck off and let us get on with writing the fucking game, you bunch of fucking retards."

J: "VF3 will receive a home conversion onto a Sega console, but it will not be the Saturn, and details of the new Sega consumer console will be announced shortly."

K: "Don't ask us, ask Next-Gen online, I'm sure they'll make up something interesting."

L: "Sorry, we haven't started it yet. We've been too busy filling out all those fantastic votes and forms on UK:Resistance."

Enter your mail address, and press send to 'exclusively' announce your own plans for Saturn VF3.


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