Hey look! It's another one of our interviews! This time we've tracked down Sega Europe's top musician, and the bloke responsible for those Sonic R tunes, Richard Jacques. Does he like Oasis? Will he lend us his posh studio so we can record the UK:Resistance theme tune? Read on readers, read on.

Some of the American web sites weren't too keen on your Sonic R tunes. What did you think about this?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and music is a very personal thing, I just think they did it in a very unprofessional way. They should have kept their opinions to themselves and let the people decide. Comments such as "We wanted to rip the speaker out of the TV every time we played it" just make me less and less bothered about the US market.

What do Americans know about music anyway?

I can't tell you my honest answer, but there is only so much of rock, metal and grunge that a person can handle in their lifetime. The Detroit house movement was the coolest thing to have come out of America if you ask me, I've never been much of a rock fan.

Apart from your own, what Saturn tunes have impressed you the most?

I like the Panzer Dragoon soundtracks, especially the 2nd one which was all done on the sound chip, very nice. NiGHTS is also very cool. Outside of Sega I like some of the Pygnosis own tunes on Wipeout, and some stuff from Core Design.

Tell us a cool rock 'n' roll anecdote. For example, have you ever snorted cocaine from the belly-button of a famous female rock 'n' roll star?

I snogged Roger Daltry's daughter, Rosie when I was about 12.

Analog or Digital?

Digital any day.

Do you spend much time playing games in your office?

Oh yes indeed, when I have time that is. Current favourites are 7 player Death Tank (put through my monitors, with reverb on the explosions and the Prodigy playing in the background), and Winter Heat, but I guess you haven't seen that yet.

Is your job as glamorous as it seems, or is every day "Just another day at the office?"

No, it's as glamorous as it seems.

So where`s `Club Saturn 2` then?

In the bowels of the Earth. However, watch out for a very cool dance remix of "Work It Out" from Sonic R.

What's your personal choice when it comes to music? We reckon you're a seventies disco man...

You'd be absolutely right about that. Hold on to your afro wigs...

Give us your all-time top five favourite albums:

1) Incognito - Positivity
2) Prodigy - Fat of the Land
3) Josh Wink - Above the Clouds
4) All the John Williams film scores
5) Derek and Clive Come Again

Do you think that time travel is possible?

I hope so. I want to go back in time and be in Hong Kong Phooey, and forward in time so I can watch the new Star Wars films NOW!!

Can we borrow your studio to do a UK:R record?

Not in a million...

Are you just a frustrated pop star?

Yes. I hate the stigma still attatched to game music. I have written loads of my own stuff which in my humble opinion is a lot better than anything in the charts (Spice Girls anyone?) Sometimes it makes me sick. On the other hand I get to write loads of different styles of music, something which the people in the charts might not. Ha ha!! Plus this industry is great fun!!

808 or 909?


Oasis - legends in the making or just a bunch of northern twats?

Northern twats. I can play 3 chords on the guitar as well you know. Buy one single and you've got every album.

What`s your opinion of the Mackie 1604 VLZ?

It's good. I have loads of Mackie stuff in the studio, they make cool stuff.

Working on any Top Secret projects at the moment?

No, just building a new studio right now.

Speed Garage - what the hell's all that about?

Don't know, and don't care. Maybe it's where you can wash your car twice as fast as usual.

Can we have your autograph?

It'll cost you, 1 pint per autograph.

Not really!

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