1998 Reader Survey
We did it last year, so we'll do it again, such is our lack of new ideas and innovation. Still, at least we've tried to think up a few new questions this time, so make sure you all fill in the survey and help shape the very fabric of UK:Resistance. We are putty in your hands.

How are you today?

A: Fine thanks
B: Oh you know, I've been better
C: I'm dying from a particularly rare and virilent form of cancer

How often do you visit the site?

A: More than once a day
B: Once a day
C: About every other day
D: Once a week
F: I've never been here before in my life

Why do you read UK:Resistance?

A: Free work access - nothing better to do
B: Free college access - nothing better to do
C: Free school access - nothing better to do
D: Because of the fantastic mix of games news, entertainment and educational features that, frankly, make UK:Resistance an essential part of my life. And I've got nothing better to do
E: I've never read UK:Resistance before in my life

If Sega launch a new machine and charge 400 pounds/dollars for it, would you buy it?

A: Do I look that stupid?
B: No
C: Of course not
D: No chance
E: Oh yeah, sure I will (sarcastic answer)

Can you be bothered to wait for the new console, or are you going to buy a rival system?

A: I`m dumping my Saturn and getting an N64
B: I`m dumping my Saturn and getting a PSX
C: I`m keeping my Saturn, I love it.
D: I`m keeping my Saturn, but getting another system as well.
E: I`m giving up games altogether to become a Zen Buddhist.

Should Sega send us more review copies of games?

A: Yes, I only trust your reviews.
B: No, you freeloading bastards.
C: This is a gaming site?

If you were a superhero, which power would you most like to have?

A: X-Ray vision
B: Flight
C: Teleportation
D: Mind control
E: Time travel
F: Shape-shifting

Are 'comedy' features on a games site a good thing or a bad thing?

A: Comedy features are good
B: Comedy features are bad
C: You do comedy features?

If you could reform one eighties pop group, which one would it be?

A: Frankie Goes To Hollywood
B: Berlin
C: Bananarama
D: Wham
E: Aha

How long have you owned your Saturn?

A: Erm, I don't actually own a Saturn
B: I bought one yesterday!
C: I bought one 'recently'
D: About six months
E: About a year
F: Ooh, ages
G: Day of release - I'm hardcore!
H: Day of Japanese release - I'm double hardcore!

Is it just me, or is it hot in here?

A: Well I actually think it's too cold
B: I'm just about right thanks
C: Hmm, now you mention it, it is a bit warm
D: Yeah, it's fucking boiling

How quickly does UK:Resistance load on your browser?

A: Really quickly
B: Pretty good
C: Quite slowly
D: Really slowly - sort it out you bastards

Would you like to see more or less graphics on the site?

A: More graphics
B: Less graphics
C: Actually, I reckon you've got the mix just about right

If you answered 'more graphics' on the above question, how would you fancy staring at a PC screen until your eyes hurt for no money? Well?

A: Sorry, I was only being honest
B: Stop moaning you slackers

Are you male or female?

A: Male
B: Female
C: I'm confused about my sexuality

Do you like our Employee of the Week feature, or is it a stupid diversion?

A: It's the only reason I read your crappy site
B: It's mildly entertaining sometimes
C: Yes - it's a stupid diversion. Stop it

If we had a letters page, would you bother to send us any?

A: No, I couldn't be bothered
B: Yes, I would love to contribute to a UK:Resistance letters page

Are you sure?

A: Yes! I demand a UK:Resistance letters page!
B: Actually, now that I've had the chance to think about it, I probably wouldn't bother. So no, don't do a letters page. Sorry for the earlier confusion.

We can't think up any more questions. Would you like to add anything else?

A: No (yes is not an option)

Enter your mail address or remain anonymous. Oh and thanks!