Meaningless diversion#2

1997 reader survey

To help us compile a psychological profile of our readers, please complete the following questions:

How many other gaming sites do you regularly read:

A: 1-4.
B: 5-10.
C: More than 10.

Which word do you find the most amusing:

A: Cheese.
B: Pamphlet.
C: Flange.

Do you think UK:Resistance is good value for money:

A: Of course it is, it's free for gods sake.

Who do you think are the most stupid out of the following:

A: Americans.
B: Playstation owners.
C: American Playstation owners.
D: British Playstation owners.
E: Nintendo owners.

On a scale of brown (the worst) to red (the best) how do you rate UK:Resistance overall:

A: Brown.
B: Yellow.
C: Green.
D: Aqua-marine.
E: Mauve.
F: Red.

If the value of X equals Y*Z, and Y plus Z equals the cosine of UK:Resistance, Y equals:

A: (X+Z)/Z.
B: (X-Z)squared.
C: (Xsquared)*Z.

Since you've started reading various internet news pages, do you still buy as many printed monthly games mags:

A: Less than I used to.
B: About the same number.
C: More than I used to.

Who's hardest:

A: Ryu.
B: Wolverine.
C: Akira.

Who's prettiest:

A: Cammy.
B: Sarah.
C: Ken.

Just how much do you like our new links page:

A: It's great.
B: It's really great.
C: It's really really great.
D: It's really really fantastic.
E: It really is, quite frankly, amazing.

Would you like us to make up news, so we can update the news page even when nothing happens:

A: No. Honesty is the best policy.
B: Maybe the odd speculation, but nothing dishonest.
C: I thought you already do.

Anthea Turner should be:

A: Mutilated.
B: Killed.
C: Mutilated and killed.

Using the brown to red scale, how optimistic are you about the Saturn and Sega's future:

A: Brown.
B: Yellow.
C: Green.
D: Aqua-marine.
E: Mauve.
F: Red.

The Spice Girls:

A: No way.
B: Okay, but with the volume turned down.
C: Oh yes please.

Tempted by the Nintendo 64:

A: No. I'm content with my Saturn.
B: Maybe. I'll see how many other games are released.
C: Yes, when I can afford it.
D: It's an essential item.

This survey has been:

A: An interesting diversion from reality.
B: A slight waste of time.
C: A complete and utter waste of time.

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