The dividing line that runs between truth and fiction is sometimes a bit on the blurred side, so to give us an area to list all of the 'speculative' things we hear, we've decided to create this lovely Speculation page.

The items, stories, reports, guesses, news and anything else we feature here (hereafter known as 'things') are a bit too sketchy on details/facts/truth to go on our main news page, so don't take any of these 'things' as absolute fact, but they will all be genuine 'rumours' that we discover on our travels.

Feel free to send us your own obscure news items.

Top UK games site UK:Resistance are rumoured to be removing their 'speculate' page because it's a crap idea and nobody reads it. Any ideas for a new use for that troublesome middle button?

Informers on hardcore Ed's HSG page alledge that pictures of Saturn VF3 have been released to selected magazines, pending the legendary press conference

The March VF3 press conference is just a smokescreen, and Suzuki will announce that the completed VF3 will be released immediately to the Japanese public

The VF3 upgrade cart will utilise the Lockheed Martin Real 3D chip

The Saturn version of Quake will feature all the new levels from the forthcoming ID add on pack as well as netlink and link cable support.

Saturn Tomb Raider 2 will use the VF3 upgrade cart
And if TR2 will use it, surely Saturn Quake would also benefit

Send us any obscure gossip you encounter on your 'net travels.

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