Get with the in crowd this season with this stylish range of exclusive UK:Resistance merchandise:

This fashionable T-Shirt will make you stand out in any crowd, combining the classic 'Red Star' logo that has grown to represent UK:Resistance, with the modern colours and styles demanded by todays conciencous clubber:

Sizes: M L XL XXL
Reference: CRS0001

The reverse colour 'Red Star' classic T-Shirt is also available, for those wanting to really make that "I love UK:Resistance" statement.

Sizes: M L XL XXL
Reference: RRS0001

These stylish pants are the perfect compromise between style, elegance, support, and practicality, and will give you the confidence you need in these modern times:

Sizes: S M L XL
Reference: UKP0001
Colours: Red, yellow, white, grey

The man below is surrounded by attractive women. But can you guess why? Yes, that's right, he's wearing the classic 'Red Star' original UK:Resistance T-Shirt, which makes him instantly irresistable to even these incredibly fit babes, but hey, don't fight over him ladies!

(Trousers and boots: Models own)

Make that special woman in your life feel even more special, by buying her this exclusive skinny-fit top, and letting her feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Sizes: One size only
Reference: UKS0001

The model below is wearing the classic reverse 'Red Star' shirt, and our new casual hat, which is ideal for both fashion wear and extreme combat scenarios.

Hat: One size only
Reference: HAT0001

Remember, more styles and designs are being manufactured all the time, so remember to check back regularly for all the latest UK:Resistance merchandise!
If you would like to order any of the above, please fill out the Order Form and come back soon!


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