The UK:Resistance Letters Shed
Ha ha! You didn't really think that was a talking shed did you? You must be mad! The UK:Resistance Letters Shed is where we sit when we answer your letters - that was only us shouting through the door! Ha ha, that was really funny when you thought that was a talking shed! Of course, we haven't had any letters to reply to yet... or have we? No, no we haven't. That was obvious really, as this is a brand-new feature.

So we need you to send us your letters! We also realise that many of our readers are 'special needs' cases, so here's a nice and easy form for you to use. Look! There's even a ramp for wheelchairs and a big toilet with handrails and a nurse to wipe your bottom!

Send us a letter with this special needs-friendly form!

Stuck for ideas? Here's some of what we want: Compaint letters from people in wheelchairs, reviews of porn sites, reasons why Dreamcast will be shit, cries for help from the lonely, criminal confessions, serious discussions about type fonts, complaint letters from homosexuals, bitchy comments about other sites, songs and poems about Sega, personal problems, 'outing' your friends, ideas for new Resistance features, letters from Americans saying how they don't understand our jokes, jokes about the French eating weird stuff, offers of sex in the London area, reader's wives photos, letters from people's mums, sporting queries, ideas for games, letters asking for our opinions on serious political issues, replies to fake emails sent to big companies, comments on Anna Kournikova, your favourite swear words, links to bad web sites, and anything, ANYTHING else the voices in your head tell you to write. We're not fussy, just entertain us.

If you don't send us any letters the shed will be sad, and you know what happens when the shed gets sad!