Things to do with a Saturn when it's dead

Friday, September 18th 1998 - the date that the last Saturn game is released in the UK. Yes, that's right! Sega repay our loyalty by totally ignoring us and expecting us to do absolutely nothing for the next year, before trotting happily off to the shops to buy a Dreamcast. Yeah, right. Our advice? Buy a PlayStation, buy a Nintendo 64 or get a life and give up games all together. Are we bitter? Oh yes! Still, we had high hopes back in 1995... here's what happened:

July 8th, 1995: Overly-expensive Saturn released in UK with ill-advised selection of playable but dodgy-looking games

September 1995: PlayStation released in UK with Wipeout which is massively cool and looks amazing

January 1996: Sega Rally and VF2 released, which despite being two of the greatest games ever made, fail to convince foolish public

1997: Third party companies desert Sega, in favour of releasing games for a machine that people actually own

September 18th, 1998: Deep Fear, the final UK Saturn game, is released. Saturn is dead.