Back for another year, it`s the UK:Resistance Red Star Awards for 1997! This year we thought we'd throw some of the awards open to you, and give you all your chance to vote for the stuff that lit your fire, stoked your boiler, or just pissed on your fireworks during 1997. Just fill in this handy form to register your votes, and remember, the Red Star Awards are the Oscars of the games world (well, nearly) so use your votes wisely.

Game of the Year

Developer of the Year

Best Saturn website

Most Gorgeous UK:Resistance Employee of the Week

Best Printed Games Magazine

But who cares about the winners? It's the bitter and twisted losers that provide the highest entertainment value, so make sure you register your own dislike by voting in the:

Worst game of the Year

Worst Developer of the Year

Worst games web site

Biggest wanker of the Year

Anything else that particularly annoyed you during 1997?

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